Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Delegated Administrator Guide

Organizations Managed by the Service Provider Administrator

The SPA can create, modify, and delete the following types of organizations that are subordinate to the SPA’s provider organization:

The provider organization, full organization, and shared organization are described in the sections that follow.

Provider Organization

A provider organization is a node in the LDAP directory that logically contains full organizations and shared organizations. The provider organization node has attributes that allow the SPA to manage subordinate organizations.

In the LDAP directory, a provider organization must be located under a mail domain. For an example, see Sample Service-Provider Organization Data, later in this appendix.

A provider organization cannot contain user entries. Instead, users are provisioned in the organizations created under the provider organization.

A provider organization stores directory information about the organizations created under it. For example:

Full Organization

A full organization has the following characteristics:

Shared Organization

A shared organization has the following characteristics: