Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo enable Messenger Express Using Messaging SSO

  1. Run the configutil tool.


  2. Set the following mail specific parameters using the configutil tool.




    When Communications Express is not deployed under /, such as /uwc, the default value of the parameter may look like: 

    Specifies the value that is used to identify Messenger Express to other applications. 


    The string value of this parameter is used to set the cookie domain value of SSO cookie by the Messenger Express HTTP server. 

    The value must begin with a period (.), for example, “ ” when the fully qualified hostname is .

    Ensure that the value specified for this parameter is the same as that entered for uwcauth.cookiedomain.

    For example,


    Enables or disables Messaging single sign-on functionality. 

    Set the value to 0 to disable Messaging single sign-on functionality.


    Specifies the prefix used to find cookies generated by other trusted applications for SSO. 

    Ensure this value corresponds to the value entered for uwcauth.appprefix.


    If set to 1, when the user logs out, the server removes all single sign-on cookies for the user matching the value of local.webmail.sso.apprefix.

    If set to 0, the server removes only its single sign-on user cookie.


    Enables or disables Messenger Express access from Communications Express. 

    Set to 1, to enable Messenger Express access from Communications Express.

    Set to 0, to disable Messenger Express access from Communications Express.


    Specifies the URL used by Messenger Express to invalidate the Communications Express session. 

    f you have configured local.webmail.sso.uwclogouturl explicitly in Messenger Express then this value is used to logout. Otherwise, Messenger Express constructs the logout url based on the http host in the request header.

    For example,

    When Communications Express is not deployed under /, such as /uwc, the default value of the parameter may look like:


    Specifies the Communications Express port. 

    For example, 85.


    Specifies the path in which Communications Express is deployed. 

    Specify this parameter only when Communications Express is not deployed under /. For example, if Communications Express is deployed in /uwc, local.webmail.sso.uwccontexturi=uwc

    For example, uwc.


    Specifies the url required to access the home link. 

    For example,


    Specifies the URL used to verify the SSO cookie. 

    For example,

    Here it is assumed that webmail is deployed on port 80.

    Communications Express users will now be able to access Messenger Express using Messaging Single Sign-on mechanism for authentication.