Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Enable Communications Express Using Messaging SSO

  1. Open the uwc-deployed-path/WEB-INF/config/ file.

  2. Modify the following mail specific parameters in file to enable Communications Express access Messenger Express.




    Specifies the prefix used to find cookies generated by other trusted applications for SSO. 

    The prefix is used to find cookies generated by other trusted applications during single sign-on. 

    If the deployment uses Messaging SSO, this attribute should be assigned the value of local.webmail.sso.prefix set during messaging server configuration.

    The default value is iPlanetDirectoryPro


    Specifies the application ID for Communications Express. 

    The default value is uwc. 


    Specifies the domain name saved as part of the single sign-on cookie. 


    Enables or disables messaging single sign-on functionality. 

    Set this parameter to true to enable single sign-on and false to disable single sign-on.

    Also, make sure that uwcauth.messagingsso.enable is set to false when setting up Communications Express for Access Manager Single Sign-On.

    The default value is true. 


    Specifies the URI path for which the single sign-on cookie is saved. 

    The default value is /. 

    Specifies the URL used to verify the SSO cookie. 

    The value of xxx should be replaced by the application ID of the server. 

    For example, if you want to enable SSO with Messaging Server whose application ID is “msg60”, you need to add the following configuration parameter: 


    The value of xxx mentioned here should be identical to the value assigned in Messenger Express

    The default value is http://servername /VerifySSO?


    When Communications Express is not deployed under /, such as /uwc, the value of the parameter may look like:



    Specifies the Messaging Server application ID. 

    The value of messagingsso.appid should be same as the set during messaging server configuration .

    The default value is ims. 


    Determines whether or not to restrict session access login IP address. 

    If set to true when the user logs in, the server remembers which IP address the user used to log in.Then it only allows that IP address to use the session cookie it issues to the user while establishing sso with messaging server.

    If set to false, Communications Express does not perform this IP address check and restricts the access to the session.

    The default value is true.

    Once the parameters in are set in uwc-deployed-path /WEB-INF/config/ file, Communication Express users will be able to access Messenger Express using the Messaging Single Sign-on mechanism for authentication.