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Sun Cooling Door 5600 Installation Guide



1. Introduction

1.1 Product / System Description

2. Preparing for Installation

2.1 Unit Handling

2.1.1 Unpacking the Sun Cooling Door 5600

3. Installation

3.1 European Union Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas Requirements

3.2 Mounting the Sun Cooling Door 5600 on a Sun Rack or Chassis

3.2.1 Refrigerant Connection Methods and Points Attaching F-Pipe Fittings

3.3 Connecting Liebert XD Flex Pipes to the Sun Cooling Door 5600

3.3.1 Header System

3.4 Connecting a Sun Cooling Door 5600 to an Operational Liebert XD System

3.5 Disconnecting a Sun Cooling Door 5600 from a Liebert XD System

3.6 Checklist for Proper Installation

4. Maintenance

4.1 Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas Requirements

A. Removing an Existing Door

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Remove the Rear Door on the Sun Blade 6048 Modular System Chassis