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Sun Java(TM) System Directory Server 5.2 2005Q1 Performance Tuning Guide 

List of Figures

Figure 3-1    Entry and Database Caches in Context       
Figure 3-2    Searches and Cache       
Figure 3-3    Updates and Cache       
Figure 3-4    Suffix Initialization (Bulk Loading) and Cache       
Figure 3-5    Monitoring Cache Hit Rate Using Directory Server Console       
Figure 4-1    Representation of a Presence Index       
Figure 4-2    Representation of an Equality Index       
Figure 4-3    Representation of a Substring Index       
Figure 4-4    Representation of a Browsing Index       
Figure 4-5    Reaching the All IDs Threshold for an Index Key       
Figure 7-1    Pointer CoS Operation       
Figure 7-2    Indirect CoS Operation       
Figure 7-3    Classic CoS Operation       
Figure 7-4    Generating CompanyName With Pointer CoS       
Figure 7-5    Generating DepartmentNumber With Indirect CoS       
Figure 7-6    Generating Mail Stop and Fax Number With Indirect CoS       
Figure 7-7    Generating Service Level Data With Classic CoS       

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