Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Performance Tuning Guide

ProcedureTo Tune the Operating System, Web Container, and OpenSSO Enterprise

  1. Log in as or change to superuser.

  2. If you have not run the tool in REVIEW mode, ensure that AMTUNE_MODE is set to REVIEW in the following file:

    <TOOLS_DIR>\<OPENSSO_URI>\bin\amtune\ file

  3. Edit other parameters in the file, depending upon the components you want to tune.

    See the Appendix for detailed information about the properties.

  4. In REVIEW mode, run the amtune tool with a password file.

    See the section Using a Password File in this document.

    Solaris or Linux




    Review the tuning recommendations in the terminal or in the <TOOLS_DIR>/OPENSSO_URI/logs/amtune-config.<timestamp>.log file. If necessary, make changes to the file based on the tuning recommendations.

  5. When you are satisfied with the tuning recommendations from running amtune in REVIEW mode, set AMTUNE_MODE to CHANGE in the file.

  6. Check the debug log file for the results.

    In CHANGE mode, the amtune tool might need to restart the web container and OpenSSO Enterprise. When the operating system kernel parameters are changed, the amtune tool will recommend a system restart.