Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Performance Tuning Guide

ProcedureTo Tune a Remote Sun Directory Server

  1. FTP or copy to the remote Sun Directory Server host.

    In the change mode section of file, if AMTUNE_TUNE_DS=true, then the file is automatically generated.

  2. Unzip

  3. Set values for TOOL_HOME and JAVA_HOME.

    Solaris, Linux, and AIX




  4. Edit the file to include Directory Server information.

  5. Run the amtune tool with a password file for the Sun Directory Server Directory Manager.

    The Directory Server Directory Manager password must be inaccessible to non-owners and only readable by its owner . For example, you can run change the permissions mode of the password file by running the following command:

    chmod 400

    UNIX or Linux




    On Windows, you must also execute amtune.bat with a password file. But amtune.bat does not check its file permission on Windows.

    In CHANGE mode, if AMTUNE_TUNE_DS=true, then the amtune tool will restart the Sun Directory Server instance.

    If AMTUNE_TUNE_OS=true, then the amtune tool will tune the operating system kernel parameters and will recommend a system restart.