Sun GlassFish Web Space Server 10.0 Administration Guide

Customizing Portlet Names While Localizing

You can customize the name of a ported for any language by using the Look and Feel button on the portlet. Consider the example of localizing Web Space Server to French. In this case, the name of the Admin portlet translates as Administration du portail. You might prefer to have a customized name for the Admin portlet when Web Space Server is localized to French.

ProcedureTo Customize the Name of a Portlet While Localizing the User Interface

  1. Log in to the Web Space Server as the admin user.

  2. Click the Look and Feel button on a portlet.

    In this example, click the Look and Feel button on the Admin portlet.

  3. Select the Use Custom Title option.

  4. Select a language from the language list.

    In this example, select French.

  5. Type a title for the portlet in the selected language in the Portlet Title box.

    In this example, type the name Administration.

  6. Click Save.

    Note –

    For the changes to take effect, you may have to save twice: once with the Use Custom Title option deselected and again with selected. Some times the portlet name in the default language too may have changed. You need to verify this.

  7. Choose My Account from the Welcome menu.

  8. Choose Display Settings under Miscellaneous.

  9. Select a language from the Language list that is the same as the language selected previously.

    For example, select French.

  10. Click Save and navigate back to the community page.

    You can see the changed name of the portlet in the localized version. In this example, the name of the Admin portlet localized to French is changed from Administration du portail to Administration.