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Sun Java(TM) System Directory Server 5 2004Q2 Technical Overview 


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How to Report Problems
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Chapter 1   Introduction to Directory Services and Sun Java System Directory Server
What is a Directory Service?
About Directory Services
About Enterprise-Wide Directory Services
About LDAP
About DSML
Tuned for Enterprise and e-business Directory Roles
What is Sun Java System Directory Server?
Directory Server and Java Enterprise System
Directory Server Architecture Overview
LDAP and DSML Front Ends
Support for Industry Communication Standards
Directory Server Plug-in Extensibility
Sun Java System Directory Server Resource Kit
Java Naming and Directory Interface™ (JNDI)
Directory Information Tree
Multiple Database Design and Large Cache Support
Sun Cluster Agent 3.1 Support
Directory Server Data Storage
About Directory Entries
Distributing Directory Data
Directory Server Data Management
Importing Data
Exporting Data
Backing Up and Restoring Data
Indexing Data
Directory Server Schema
Schema Format
Standard Attributes
Standard Object Classes

Chapter 2   Directory Server Performance
Using Indexes for Efficient Searches
Performance Enhancements
Enhanced Update Performance
Enhanced Search Performance
Enhanced Replication Performance
Enhanced SSL Performance with Crypto Accelerator 1000 Board

Chapter 3   Directory Server Availability
Replicating Your Directory Server
Replication Concepts
Possible Replication Configurations
Business Scenarios and Their Associated Replication Solutions
Backup and Restoration Possibilities
High Availability Support

Chapter 4   Directory Server Scalability
Multiple Database, Multiple Server and Data Distribution Possibilities
Distributing Data Across Multiple Databases and Servers
How Best to Manage Your Distributed Data
Scalable Data Management
Scalable Grouping of Entries
Scalable Attribute Management
Effective Rights Management
Scalable Schema Management
Directory Proxy Server and Scalability

Chapter 5   Directory Server Security
Directory Server Security Overview
Authentication and Account Inactivation
Controlling Access
Access Control - The Basics
Macro ACIs
Requesting Effective Rights Information
ACIs - The Tips
Password Policy
Password Policy Overview
Configuring Password Policies
Preventing Dictionary-Style Attacks
Controls for Resetting Passwords
Securing Connections and Data Storage
SSL Encryption and Authentication
Start Transport Layer Security
SASL Encryption and Authentication
Attribute Encryption
Denial of Service Attacks

Chapter 6   Directory Server Manageability
Server Management Console
Extensive Monitoring Possibilities



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