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Sun Storage 6580 and 6780 Array

Hardware Release Notes, Release 6.9.x


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Sun Storage 6580 and 6780 Array Hardware Release Notes

What’s In This Firmware Release

Downloading Patches and Updates

Cache Battery Expiration Notification

About the Array

System Requirements

Firmware Requirements

Disk Drives and Tray Capacity

Solid State Disk Requirements

Array Expansion Tray Support

Data Host Requirements

Multipathing Software

Supported Host Bus Adaptors (HBAs)

Supported FC and Multilayer Switches

Supported Premium Features

Device Mapper Multipath (DMMP) for the Linux Operating System

Device Mapper Features

Known Limitations and Issues of the Device Mapper

Installing the Device Mapper Multi-Path

Setting Up the multipath.conf File

Installing the Device Mapper Multi-Path for SLES 11.1

Copy and Rename the Sample File

Determine the Attributes of a MultiPath Device

Modify Vendor ID and Product ID

Using the Device Mapper Devices

Troubleshooting the Device Mapper

Restrictions and Known Issues

Installation and Hardware Related Issues

Controller Issues

Linux Issues

Documentation Issues

Product Documentation

Documentation, Support, and Training