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Sun Storage 6180 Array

Hardware Release Notes, Release 6.10

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Document Information

1.  Sun Storage 6180 Array Hardware Release Notes

What's In This Firmware Release

Downloading Firmware

Cache Battery Expiration Notification

About the Array

System Requirements

Firmware Requirements

Updating Controller Firmware

Supported Disk Drives and Tray Capacity

Array Expansion Module Support

Data Host Requirements

Multipathing Software

Supported Host Bus Adaptors (HBAs)

Supported FC and Multilayer Switches

Supported Premium Features

Tier 1 Support

Tier 2 Support

ALUA/TPGS Multipathing with VMware

Procedure for ESX4.1U2 and ESXi5.0

Procedure for ESX4.1U3 and ESXi5.0U1

Restrictions and Known Issues

Single Path Data Connections

Controller Issues

Log Events Using SLES 11.1 With smartd Monitoring Enabled

After Re-Installing the Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM) Manager, International Standards Organizations (ISO) Files Are Listed by Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) Rather Than by Friendly Name

After Un-Mapping a Volume from an Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM) Server, the Volume Continues to Appear in the Storage Database on the Server

In the Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM) Manager User Interface, Only One Drive at a Time Can Be Selected for Deletion

Kernel Panics During Controller Firmware (CFW) Download

BCM Driver Fails to Load

Kernel Panics During Controller Firmware Download

Network Interface on Device eth0 Fails to Come Online When Booting a Host

When Over 128 Volumes are Mapped to a Host, Paths to Only the First 128 Volumes are Restored after the Controller is Reset

Unable to Add More Than 117 Volumes to the Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM) Manager Database

Write-Back Cache is Disabled after Controllers Reboot with Multiple Failed Volumes in a Storage Array

During Multiple Node Failover/Failback Events, Input/Output (I/O) Operations Time Out Because a Resource is Not Available to a Cluster

After an NVSRAM Download, a Controller Reboots a Second Time when the NVSRAM is Activated

When a Controller is Not Set Offline Before Being Replaced, an Exception Occurs when the Replacement Controller is Brought Online

Input/Output (I/O) Errors Occur when a Cable is Disconnected between a Host and a Controller, and the Alternate Controller is Unavailable

Backup Failure or I/O Errors with Snapshot Creation or Mounting Failure During Backup of Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV)

Data is Misread when a Physical Drive Has an Unreadable Sector

Solaris 10 Guest in Fault Tolerant Mode Is Unable to Relocate Secondary Virtual Machine (VM) Upon Host Failure

Documentation Issues

Sun Storage 6180 Site Preparation Guide

Sun Storage 6180 Array Hardware Installation Guide

Product Documentation

Documentation, Support, and Training

Documentation, Support, and Training

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