A P P E N D I X  A


This appendix provides troubleshooting information.

For additional technical support, see Support Services at: http://www.sun.com/service/online

Log Files

For information about installation problems, view the log files. The following log files can be helpful in debugging installation problems:


The file /tmp/dzdaemon_out on each computer might contain the output and errors from the local dzdaemon.

General Troubleshooting Information

Verifying the Myrinet Software

The Myrinet software is installed in three packages (SUNWmyril, SUNWmyrir, and SUNWmryix) as part of the overall Sun Fire Visual Grid software installation. The Myrinet cards should appear in the "Primary 3D Network" panel the first time that the dzadmin tool is run. To manually verify the installation after the Sun Fire Visual Grid software has been installed, type:

# cd /opt/SUNWmyri/bin
# ./gm_board_info

The output should list each of the boards installed in the local server.