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Sun Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment, Enterprise Edition, Version 2.4, Release Notes



Sun Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment, Enterprise Edition, Version 2.4, Release Notes

About These Release Notes

Features in This Release

Product Components

Main Features

Supported Devices

Sun StorEdge and StorageTek Devices

Tape Devices


SAN Devices

Host Bus Adapters

Changes and Enhancements

System Requirements

Qualified Platforms

SUNWstade Requirements

SUNWstadm Requirements

Installing the Software

Preparing for Installation

Installing the Sun Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment Software

Installing the Localization Patches

Getting Started

Setting Up the Software With the CLI

Entering Site Information

Discovering Devices

Initializing All Slave Agents

Enabling Notification Recipients

Checking the Revision of Devices

Running the Agent

Examining the Topology Details

Setting Up the Software With the Browser Interface

Defining the sa_admin Role and Administrative Users

Logging In to the Java Web Console

Entering Site Information

Reviewing and Adding Hosts

Discovering Devices

Running Revision Analysis

Enabling Notification

Running the Agents

Reviewing the Topology

Uninstalling the Software

Device and Product Use Information

Configuring Slave Agents on Data Hosts

Alarm Management

Post-Installation Log Messages

Removing Hosts

Stopping Monitoring

Upgrade Information

Process CPU Utilization

Browser Security


Sun StorEdge 5310 NAS and Sun StorEdge 5210 NAS Devices

Sun StorEdge 3310, 3320, 3510, and 3511 Arrays

Sun StorEdge 9900 Arrays

Brocade Switches

Sun StorEdge SAM-FS and Sun StorEdge QFS Software

Additional Features

Additional Interaction Information

Solaris Version 10 Operating System

Solaris Operating System Host

Hitachi Data Systems

JNI Host Bus Adapters

Inrange Switches

Known Issues

SUNWstade Issues

SUNWstadm Issues

Service Advisor Issues

Resolved Issues

Release Documentation

Product Documentation

Related Documentation

Service Contact Information