A P P E N D I X  A

Cable Removal

This appendix describes how to remove a cable (Fibre Channel copper cables or optical Small Form-factor Plugs, or SFPs) from an expansion port on a controller or expansion tray.

There is a metallic adapter on the cable end for plugging the cable into the port. The adapter has a tab on the underside for releasing and pulling the cable out of the slot, but on some cables the tab is too short (especially in the confined space at the rear of a controller).

The adapter also has a latch on the top of it, that locks the cable into the port. FIGURE A-1 shows the cable end adapter with the latch being pushed forward.

FIGURE A-1 Cable End With Adapter and Latch

To remove the cable from the port, you must push the latch forward and pull the cable back at the same time. In FIGURE A-1, the left arrow shows the latch being pushed left, and the right arrow shows the cable being pulled right. If space is tight at the back of the tray, you may need to use a small flat screwdriver to push the latch forward with one hand while pulling out the cable with the other.

FIGURE A-2 shows a cable being removed from an expansion port (1A) on a controller tray.

FIGURE A-2 Removing a cable from an expansion tray.