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iPlanet Web Proxy Server 3.6 Administrator's Guide - Unix Version

Chapter 2   Managing Your Server

This chapter describes how to manage your iPlanet Web Proxy Server by using the Server Manager forms.

Once you have installed and started your administration and proxy servers, you can use the Server Manager forms to configure your proxy server. For information on installing and starting the administration server and proxy server, see the iPlanet Web Proxy Server 3.6 Installation Guide.


You can configure the proxy server by using the web-based administration forms or by editing the configuration files.

The administration server runs a collection of web forms and CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts. The Server Administration page is the main web form that lets you configure the administration server or choose another server to configure. The Server Manager forms let you configure the server you select on the Server Administration page.

Using the Server Manager

The Server Manager is a collection of forms that lets you configure and administer your proxy server. To access the Server Manager, you choose the server you want to configure from the Server Administration page. For information on accessing the Server Administration page, see the Installation Guide. The Server Manager is shown in Figure 2-1. You can use the Server Manager from any remote computer as long as it has permission to access the administration server.

To access the Server Administration page and use the Server Manager:

  1. Using a browser that supports frames and JavaScript, such as Netscape Navigator 4.0 or later, enter the URL for the administration server. The URL has the following format:


    For example,

    Use the port number for the administration server that you specified during installation; this is not the port number for the proxy server.

    Note If you are already on the Server Administration page, skip directly to step 3.

  2. You'll be prompted for a user name and password. Type the administration server user name and password that you specified during installation. The Server Administration page appears.

  3. Click the button containing the name of the proxy server you want to configure. The Server Manager appears, as shown in Figure 2-1.

Figure 2-1    The Proxy's Server Manager main forms

  1. To configure specific aspects of your iPlanet Web Proxy Server, click a button at the top of the form, and then choose a link in the left frame. The form appears in the frame on the right.

    Note You must save and apply your changes in order for the proxy server to begin using them. After you submit certain forms, you'll see a form that allows you to save and apply your changes. Choosing the Save option does not restart your proxy server, however, choosing Save and Apply does restart the server.

You can return to the Server Administration page by clicking the Admin button in the upper-right corner of the Server Manager.

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