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Sun Java System Access Manager 6 2005Q1 Administration Guide 

Chapter 36  
Globalization Setting Service Attributes

The Globalization Setting Service attributes are global attributes. The values applied to them are applied across the Access Manager configuration and are inherited by every configured organization. (They cannot be applied directly to roles or organizations, as the goal of global attributes is to customize the Access Manager application.) The Globalization Setting Attributes are:

Charsets Supported By Each Locale

This attribute lists the charset support for each locale, which indicates the mapping between locale and charset. The format is as follows:


You can add, edit, duplicate and remove charsets with the buttons located at the bottom of the attribute.

Charset Aliases

This attribute lists the codeset names (which map to IANA names) that will be used to send the response. These codeset names do not need to match java codeset names. Currently, there is a hash table to map java character sets into IANA charsets and vice versa. The alias format is as follows:


For example:


This implies that both denote same character set.

You can add, edit, duplicate and remove character set aliases with the buttons located at the bottom of the attribute.

Auto Generated Common Name Format

This display option allows you to define the way in which a name is automatically generated, to accommodate name formats for different locales and character sets. The default syntax is as follows (please note that including commas and/or spaces in the definition will display in the name format):

en_us = {givenname} {initials} {sn}

For example, if you wanted to display a new name format for a user (User One) with a uid (11111) for the Chinese character set, use the following stands:

zh = {sn}{givenname}({uid})

This would display as:

OneUser 11111

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