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Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q1 Release Notes 

List of Known Issues

Known Issues and Limitations: Installation
Miscellaneous Installation Issues
Multiple versions of exist (#6225803, 6225809, 6226161)
FQDN error when installing Messaging Server on Solaris 10 (no specific ID)
Insufficient disk space in /share (#5099218)
Cannot deploy Portal Server using SSL encryption if Access Manager is using SSL (#6211026)
Installer in silent mode does not upgrade some shared component packages (#6208244)
Cannot install Directory Server and Messaging Server with their respective Administration Servers on Sun Cluster HA environment (#6210690)
Cannot create new WSRP Consumer Producer with Access Manager if you are running Application Server 7 (#6202285)
Installation log messages are not always valid (no specific ID)
If installer cannot connect to X11 window server, silent install fails (#6182249)
Several shared packages do not get installed on Solaris 10 (#6174538)
When installing Administration Server, GUI Installer does not prompt for FQDN (#5103675)
Mentions of “Sun ONE” in data services should be “Sun Java System” (no specific ID)
Auto-selection of components in component selection page confusing (#4957873)
Password exposed during CD installation (#5020621)
Selected component notation inconsistent from page to page (#5033467)
Access Manager Installation
SUNWxrpcrt package incompatible with Access Manager SOAPClient/JAXRPC servlet (#6215206)
Protocol cannot be entered for an existing console (#5045612)
Console-only install configuration fails (#5047119)
Instance creation on Web Server throws exception (#5048518)
pre61to62upgrade script does not handle DB based logging correctly (#5042233)
Installing the first instance of Access Manager (no specific ID)
Installing Access Manager 2005Q1 With SSL Enabled Directory Server (no specific ID)
Single Quote Not Allowed in Passwords and Root Suffix (no specific ID)
Installation of Access Manager fails if Directory Server 5.1 sp2 implements the Reset Password (#4992507)
Administration Server Installation
Cannot install Directory Server and Administration Server in separate sessions (#5096114)
Application Server Installation
If previous versions of Application Server exist on system installation fails (#5110257)
If a port which is already in use is chosen installation fails (#4922417)
Installer does not recognize host name user enters in configuration page (#4931514)
Directory Server Installation
Cannot configure Directory Server if you reinstall after uninstalling (#6223527)
Cannot install Directory Server and Administration Server in separate sessions (#5096114)
Message Queue Installation
If Message Queue is installed with Java ES installer you must use uninstaller to uninstall (no specific ID)
Messaging Server Installation
msuserpurge Does Not Set mailDomainStatus to Removed if inetDomainstatus=deleted. (#6245878)
Need tools to correct bad store.sub (#6206104)
Vacation text is garbage when saved. Hard returns are not retained. (#6199714)
Problem installing Messaging Server and Directory Server on different machines (no specific ID)
Using Messaging Server (and Directory Server) with Schema 2 support (#4916028)
Save attachment no longer works. (#6196347)
Regression: Automatic Spell Check was Removed (#6192219)
The Domain Disk Quota value is lost if you change the Domain status or Mail Service status of a full organization. (#6239311)
Server error; administrator is logged out when trying to create a new user or edit an existing user. (#6234660)
On the User Properties page, you cannot uncheck the Forward box, select the Local Inbox, and save the modification. (#6230702)
Values in the files are overwritten when Delegated Administrator is reconfigured with the config-commda program. (#6218713)
The commadmin user modify command fails if you assign both the sunpresenceuser and sunimuser object classes to a user entry. (#6214638)
A newly created user does not inherit the domain’s timezone (TZ). (#6206160)
The commadmin domain purge command does not purge calendar resources. (#6206797)
You need to save the Organization Properties page to successfully add an administrator. (#6201912)
A TLA or SPA cannot update the “Alias Names for Domain:” text field for a shared organization. (#6200351)
If you remove all Service packages from a user in an organization and then assign a new Service package from the Service Packages page, the new Service package assignment fails. (#6198361)
New non-ascii organizations cause an error because the default administrator’s email address cannot be specified. (#6195040)
Removing a Service package from an organization causes the following message to be displayed: “No changes in service packages allocation.” (#6190486)
You cannot edit a user’s login ID in this release of Delegated Administrator. (#6178850)
The advanced search feature does not return correct results for organizations. (#5094680)
The Summary page in the New Organization wizard does not display all the organization details. (#5087980)
Net Connect Installation
Portal Server Installation
Installation and uninstallation of Portal Server appears to hang (#5106639)
Gateway redirection not happening in any multi-session installation (#4971011)
Shared Component Issues
pkgchk fails for SUNWcacaocfg due to post-installation configuration changes (#6195465)
Installer does not upgrade Tomcat 4.0.1 to Tomcat 4.0.5 (#6202992)
Sun Java Web Console set-up script does not upgrade SUNWtcatu package (#6202315)
Sun Cluster Installation
JDMK and Common Agent Container packages removed with “scinstall -r” (#5077985)
SunPlex Manager install module is not supported (#4928710)
Cannot install Sun Cluster HA Administration Server agents from CD (#6212471)
Sun Cluster HA Application Server Agent does not support Application Server 8.1 and HADB 8.1 (#6212333)
Sun Cluster Data Services for previous versions of Directory Server (no specific ID)
Sun Cluster Data Service for Oracle Parallel Server/Real Application Clusters not installed from Sun Cluster 3.1 CD (no specific ID)
Installer does not allow for additional Sun Cluster agents to be installed if one exists on system (no specific ID)
Web Server Installation
Web Server installation fails if install directory is populated with files from a previously installed version (no specific ID)
Localization Issues
Delegated Administrator: The function of the Available Languages list is not clear. (#6234120)
Delegated Administrator: An error message, “The organization already exists,” is not localized. (#6201623)
Custom Configuration installer screen sometimes displays with crippled text layout (#6210498)
Cannot use configure later option when installing on all locales (#6206190)
Known Issues and Limitations: Uninstallation
Wrong default installation directory for Web Server and Application Server (#6197056)
Uninstaller hangs and does not remove all packages (#5091416)
Uninstalling Sun Cluster Console causes locale packages to be removed (#4994462)
Known Issues: Linux
If Message Queue is installed with Java ES installer you must use uninstaller to uninstall (no specific ID)
Problem installing Directory Server due to broken links to shared components in library (#6199933)
savestate file is exposed (#5062553)
Cannot install Instant Messaging Server in separate session (#6175419)
Cannot configure Directory Server on Red Hat Linux 3.0 (#5087845)
Uninstaller RPM not always installed during installation (#5060658)
Message Queue’s C-API usage of NSPR and NSS on Linux (no specific ID)
Last page of installer displays java exception errors after successful installation (#5052226, #5041569)
Insufficient window width in interface for some locales (#4949379)
Directory Server and Administration Server continue to run after user exits installer (#5010533)
Installer takes 3 to 4 minutes to display Welcome Page (#5051946)
Graphical installer summary page sometimes empty for ja and ko locales (#5043169)

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