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Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q1 Technical Overview 

List of Figures

Figure 1-1 Support Needed for Distributed Enterprise Applications
Figure 1-2 Categories of Java Enterprise System Components
Figure 1-3 Solution Life-Cycle Phases and User Categories
Figure 2-1 Dimensions of Java ES Solution Architecture
Figure 2-2 Dimension 1: Infrastructure Service Levels
Figure 2-3 Java ES System Service Components
Figure 2-4 Dimension 2: Logical Tiers for Distributed Enterprise Applications
Figure 2-5 Messaging Server: Example of Tiered Architecture
Figure 2-6 Availability Design Using Sun Cluster Nodes
Figure 2-7 Logical Architecture for Enterprise Communications Scenario
Figure 3-1 Single User Entry Supports Many Services
Figure 3-2 Authentication Sequence
Figure 3-3 Authorization Sequence
Figure 4-1 Solution Life-Cycle Tasks
Figure 4-2 Specifying a Deployment Scenario
Figure 4-3 Translating a Deployment Scenario into a Deployment Architecture

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