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iPlanet Certificate Management System Command-Line Tools Guide

Chapter 7   ASCII to Binary Tool

You can use the ASCII to Binary tool to convert ASCII base-64 encoded data to binary base-64 encoded data.

This chapter has the following sections:


This tool is available for AIX 4.3, OSF/1 v4.0D, Solaris 2.6 (SunOS 5.6), Solaris 8, and Windows NT 4.0.


To run the ASCII to Binary tool, type the following command:

AtoB[.bat] <input_file> <output_file>

.bat specifies the file extension; this is required only when running the utility on a Windows NT system.

<input_file> specifies the path to the file that contains the base-64 encoded data in ASCII format.

<output_file> specifies the path to the file to write the base-64 encoded data in binary format.


AtoB.bat C:\test\ C:\test\data.out

The above command takes the base-64 encoded data (in ASCII format) in the file named and writes the binary equivalent of the data to the file named data.out.

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