C H A P T E R  2

Installing SunSAI/P Boards

This chapter describes how to install the SunSAI/P board into your computer, including:

Before You Install the Board

Suggested Maximum Number of SunSAI/P Adapters Per System

The table below lists the suggested maximum number of SunSAI/P adapters per Suntrademark system.

TABLE 2-1 Suggested Maximum Number of SunSAI/P Adapters Per System

Sun System

Number of SunSAI/P Adapters

Ultratrademark 5


Sun Enterprise 5S


Ultra 10


Sun Enterprise 10S


Ultra 30


Ultra 60


Sun Enterprisetrademark 250


Sun Enterprise 450


Sun Enterprise 3000/4000/5000/6000


Sun Enterprise 3500/4500/5500/6500


Note - The SunSAI/P software has been tested on the following Solaris operating environments: Solaris 2.6 and Solaris 7 for SAI/P 2.0, and Solaris 8 for SAI/P 3.0

procedure icon  Installing the Board

To install the SunSAI/P board in your computer, follow these steps:

Note - Refer to your system installation or service manual for detailed instructions for the following steps.

1. Power off your system, using the standard shutdown procedures described in the Solaris Handbook for Sun Peripherals or your system service manual.

The Solaris Handbook for Sun Peripherals is shipped with the Solaris operating environment software and is available on the http://docs.sun.com website.

2. Locate an available PCI slot in your computer and remove the slot plate.

3. Install the SunSAI/P board according to the instructions in your system service or installation manual.

4. Install the connector box assembly on the SunSAI/P board by connecting the male 78-pin plug on the assembly to the female 78-pin connector on the end of the SunSAI/P board. Be sure that the plug is completely installed--it may be a snug fit.

Note - If you have difficulty connecting the DB-78 connector, try loosening the screw in the endplate (the connector may not be exactly centered in the slot in the back of the computer). Be sure to re-tighten the endplate screw once the DB-78 connector is securely attached.

5. Screw the connector into the board's endplate. Do not over-tighten the screws. If the screws don't go in several turns, or if they don't reach the nuts in the endplate, the 78-pin connectors are probably not completely mated.

6. Replace your computer's cover.

7. Power on your system, using the procedures described in the Solaris Handbook for Sun Peripherals or your system service manual.

Memory Window Size and Starting Address

The memory starting address is determined by the system. No switches or jumpers are required to change these parameters.

The SunSAI/P board requires 4 Mbytes of unused PCI memory address space in your computer.