C H A P T E R  8

Sun Port Manager

This chapter describes how to use the Sun Port Manager (SPM) tool, including:

Using Sun Port Manager

Sun Port Manager (SPM) is a software tool which provides a means to monitor the status of the Front End Processor/Operating System (FEP/OS), which is the on-board software run by the SunSAI/P.

SPM also shows the status of the individual ports on a module by displaying a simulated modem status register. Each of the eight supported EIA-232 signals is displayed, along with input and output flow control status.

Note - The spm utility will display the port settings of no more than eight SunSAI/P adapters. Refer to Sun bug report number 4176486 for more information.

SPM is installed automatically when you install this device driver, and can be run from any terminal on the system.

procedure icon  To Use Sun Port Manager

single-step bulletEnter the following command from any terminal, or the system console:

spm [-l logfile]

The -l logfile option specifies the file path for screen dumps. If this option is not specified, the default log file path is /tmp/spmlog. The Sun Port Manager is fully documented in context-sensitive help screens.

Note - The correct way to exit from the spm utility is to press the q key. If you attempt to use the Escape key to quit the utility, the spm utility may terminate with an error and create a core file.