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SunVTS Diagnostic Testing

This appendix provides an overview of the SunVTS diagnostic application. This appendix contains the following section:

SunVTS Diagnostic Software

The SunVTStrademark software executes multiple diagnostic hardware tests from a single user interface and is used to verify the configuration and the functionality of most hardware controllers and devices. The SunVTS software primarily operates from a user interface that allows you to control all aspects of the diagnostic test operation.

The saiptest diagnostic, which is shipped with the SunVTS software, checks the functionality of SunSAI/P adapters. This diagnostic can be run from the SunVTS user interface, or it can be run from the command line. Refer to the SunVTS Test Reference Manual for more information about the saiptest test.

Refer to the SunVTS documentation (listed in TABLE C-1) for instructions on how to run and monitor the nettest diagnostic. These SunVTS documents are available online at the following URL:


Select the document for the Solaris release on your system.

TABLE C-1 SunVTS Documentation



SunVTS User's Guide

Describes the SunVTS diagnostic environment

SunVTS Test Reference Manual

Describes each SunVTS test (including the nettest) and describes the various test options and command-line arguments

SunVTS Quick Reference

Provides an overview of the user interface

The main features of the SunVTS environment include:

The SunVTS kernel (vtsk) controls all facets of the SunVTS environment. When activated, vtsk probes the hardware configuration of the system being tested and responds to commands from vtsui and vtstty. vtsk coordinates the operation of individual tests and manages the messages sent by these tests.

The SunVTS graphical user interface (vtsui) operates on the windowing system. vtsui controls vtsk and allows you to set user options, start and stop tests, and read log files.

The vtstty TTY user interface controls vtsk from either a command shell or a terminal attached to a serial port. Most options available in vtsui have equivalent options in vtstty.

Note - Some of the saiptest tests require a EIA-232 loopback plug (part number: 540-1558), which can be ordered through Sun.

Note - At the time of the printing of this document, the SunVTStrademark saiptest diagnostic may fail when testing a SunSAI/P adapter using the external 25-port loopback mode option. As a workaround, you can verify the SunSAI/P adapter using the saiptest internal loopback test mode. For more information, refer to Sun bug report number 4171288.