C H A P T E R  5


This chapter describes how to fix problems that can occur during Suntrademark Studio 11 software installation and uninstallation.

How Can I View the Installation Log Files?

When you install the Sun Studio software, log files that contain a record of the installation are automatically generated.

To troubleshoot installation problems by viewing the log files, do the following:

1. Go to the logs directory by typing at the prompt:

% cd /var/tmp/

2. View the file by typing:

% more Sun_Studio_Software_install.A03200125

The file extension varies for each log file.

What If the Installation Fails on an NFS-Mounted Filesystem?

If the installation fails on an NFS-mounted filesystem, ensure that you have write permission on that filesystem. You can check for write permission by following the instructions below. See Choosing Local Display or Remote Display of the Installer for more information about installing on an NFS-mounted filesystem.

1. Check for write permission by typing:

% touch /net/remote-system/opt/testfile

If you receive an error message, then you do not have write permission. For example:

% touch /net/harker/opt/testfile
touch: /net/harker/opt/testfile cannot create

2. Choose another installation directory on which you have write permission, or contact your system administrator to change the filesystem permissions.

What Can I Do If the Batch Installer Stalls?

If you enter an invalid parameter when you start the batch installer, the installer stalls and does not complete the installation. Some common errors include typing an incorrect serial number, including two different directory names, or invoking the installer when you do not have enough disk space.

Follow these steps to restart the batch installer:

1. View the log files for any error messages by typing:

% cd /var/opt/sun/install
% more Sun_Studio_Software_install.A03200125

2. To stop the installer, press Control+C.

3. To install the product using the batch installer, see Using the Batch Installer of Chapter 2.