Code Samples

CODE EXAMPLE 1-1 small spaceHello Interval World

CODE EXAMPLE 1-2 small spaceHello Interval World With interval Variables

CODE EXAMPLE 1-3 small spaceInterval Input/Output

CODE EXAMPLE 1-4 small space[inf, sup] Interval Output

CODE EXAMPLE 1-5 small spaceSingle-Number Output

CODE EXAMPLE 1-6 small spaceCharacter Input With Internal Data Conversion

CODE EXAMPLE 1-7 small spaceSimple interval Expression Example

CODE EXAMPLE 1-8 small spaceinterval-Specific Functions

CODE EXAMPLE 1-9 small spaceinterval Versions of Mathematical Functions

CODE EXAMPLE 2-1 small spaceValid and Invalid interval External Representations

CODE EXAMPLE 2-2 small spaceEfficient Use of the String-to-Interval Constructor

CODE EXAMPLE 2-3 small spaceinterval Constructor With Floating-Point Arguments

CODE EXAMPLE 2-4 small spaceUsing the interval_hull Function With Interval Constructor

CODE EXAMPLE 2-5 small spaceinterval Conversion

CODE EXAMPLE 2-6 small spaceCreating a Narrow Interval That Contains a Given Real Number

CODE EXAMPLE 2-7 small spaceinterval(NaN)

CODE EXAMPLE 2-8 small spaceSet Operators

CODE EXAMPLE 2-9 small spaceSet-Equality Test

CODE EXAMPLE 2-10 small spaceInterval Relational Functions

CODE EXAMPLE 2-11 small spaceSingle-Number Output Examples

CODE EXAMPLE 2-12 small spaceSingle-Number [inf, sup]-Style Output

CODE EXAMPLE 2-13 small spacendigits

CODE EXAMPLE 2-14 small spaceatan2 Indeterminate Forms

CODE EXAMPLE 2-15 small spaceExample of Using an Interval Type as a Template Argument for STL Classes

CODE EXAMPLE 2-16 small space>> Incorrectly Interpreted as the Right Shift Operator

CODE EXAMPLE 2-17 small spaceExample of Using the nvector Class

CODE EXAMPLE 2-18 small spaceExample of Using the nmatrix Class