TABLE 2-1 small spaceFont Conventions

TABLE 2-2 small spaceOperators and Functions

TABLE 2-3 small spaceinterval Relational Functions and Operators

TABLE 2-4 small spaceContainment Set for Addition: x + y

TABLE 2-5 small spaceContainment Set for Subtraction: x - y

TABLE 2-6 small spaceContainment Set for Multiplication: x × y

TABLE 2-7 small spaceContainment Set for Division: x ÷ y

TABLE 2-8 small spaceexp(y(ln(x)))

TABLE 2-9 small spaceInterval-Specific Functions

TABLE 2-10 small spaceOperational Definitions of Interval Order Relations

TABLE 2-11 small spaceatan2 Indeterminate Forms

TABLE 2-12 small spaceTests and Arguments of the Floating-Point atan2 Function

TABLE 2-13 small spaceTabulated Properties of Each interval Function

TABLE 2-14 small spaceinterval Constructor

TABLE 2-15 small spaceinterval Arithmetic Functions

TABLE 2-16 small spaceinterval Trigonometric Functions

TABLE 2-17 small spaceOther interval Mathematical Functions

TABLE 2-18 small spaceinterval-Specific Functions