Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Release Notes

Unidirectional Synchronization

If recovered data source is a synchronization destination, then the same procedure can be followed as for bidirectional synchronization.

If recovered data source is a synchronization source, then idsync resync can still be used to repopulate the recovered directory source. You need not change the synchronization flow settings in the Identity Synchronization for Windows configuration. The idsync resync command allows you to set synchronization flow independent of the configured flows with the -o Windows|Sun option.

Consider the following scenario as an example.

Bidirectional synchronization is setup between Directory Server and Active Directory.

ProcedureTo Perform Unidirectional Synchronization

  1. Stop synchronization.

    idsync stopsync -w - -q -
  2. Resynchronize Active Directory Source. Also, resynchronize modifies, creations, and deletes.

    idsync resync -c -x -o Sun -l AD -w - -q -
  3. Restart synchronization.

    idsync startsync -w - -q -