Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Upgrade and Migration Guide

Multi-Master Replication Deployment

In a multi-master replication (MMR) deployment, two Directory Server instances are installed on different hosts. It is possible to run the hosts on different operating systems, but in this scenario, both hosts are running on the same operating system.

Table 8–1 and Figure 8–2 illustrate how the Identity Synchronization for Windows components are distributed between the two hosts.

Table 8–1 Component Distribution in a Multi-Master Replication Deployment

Host 1 

Host 2 

Directory Server (one instance) as the secondary master for synchronized users 

Directory Server (one instance) as the preferred master for synchronized users 

Core (Message Queue, Central Logger, System Manager, and Console)

Directory Server Plugin 

Active Directory Connector


Directory Server Connector 


Directory Server Plugin 


The migration process keeps on-demand password synchronization running continuously on the preferred master or on the secondary master.

Note –

If both hosts are running on a Solaris operating system, then a third host running Windows 2000 with Active Directory is required for synchronization purposes only. (No components would be installed on the third host.)

The following figure illustrates the process for migrating Identity Synchronization for Windows in a MMR deployment.

Figure 8–2 Migrating a Multi-Master Replication Deployment

Flow diagram showing steps for upgrading a Multi-Master
Replication Deployment.