Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Developer's Guide


This function returns the approximate size of an entry, rounded to the nearest 1k. This can be useful for checking cache sizes, estimating storage needs, and so on.


#include "slapi-plugin.h"
 size_t slapi_entry_size(Slapi_Entry *e);


This function takes the following parameter:


Entry from which you want the size returned.


This function returns the size of the entry, rounded to the nearest 1k. The value returned is a size_t data type, with is a u_long value. If the entry is empty, a size of 1k is returned.


When determining the size of an entry, only the sizes of the attribute values are counted; the size of other entry values (such as the size of attribute names, variously-normalized DNs, or any metadata) are not included in the size returned. It is assumed that the size of the metadata is well enough accounted for by the rounding of the size to the next largest 1k (this holds true especially in larger entries, where the actual size of the attribute values far outweighs the size of the metadata).

Notice that when determining the size of the entry, both deleted values and deleted attributes are included in the count.