Sun Java System Identity Synchronization for Windows 6.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Viewing Directory Source Status

ProcedureTo View the Status of your Directory Sources

  1. From the Identity Synchronization for Windows Console, select the Status tab.

  2. In the navigation tree pane, expand the Directory Source node, and then select the directory source node (such as dc=example,dc=com).

    The Status tab content changes to provide information related to the selected directory source.

    Directory source contents displayed.
    Note –

    When viewing the Directory Source status you are essentially viewing the status of the connector associated with that Directory Source.

    Click Update to refresh the information on this tab. The following information is provided on the Status tab:

    • State: Reflects the current state of the directory source. Valid states include:

      • Uninstalled: The connector has not been installed.

      • Installed: The connector is installed, but is not ready for synchronization because it has not received its runtime configuration yet. If the connector remains in this state for more than a minute, something is probably wrong.

      • Ready: The connector is ready for synchronization, but it is currently not synchronizing any objects. A connector remains in the Ready state if synchronization has not been started or if synchronization has been started but not all subcomponents have established connections with the connectors.

      • Syncing: The connector is synchronizing objects. There might still be errors, so consult the error log if you notice that changes are not synchronized.

    • Active: Indicates whether the directory source is active or down.

    • Last Communication: Indicates the time of the last response from this directory source’s connector.