C H A P T E R  5

Updating IB EM Firmware

This chapter provides information on updating the InfiniBand ExpressModule (IB EM) firmware on Linux.

Consult the Sun Blade 8000 Series Product Notes for the most recent information about the availability of firmware updates.

Updating IB EM Firmware for Linux

The firmware version on your IB EM should be ready to use and should not require updating. However, if you want to update the firmware, you must use vendor-specific and (generally) OS-specific firmware updating tools.

For Linux (RHEL AS 4-U3 or later, SLES9 SP3 or later, and SLES10), use the OFED mstflint tool to load new IB EM firmware. The tool, mstflint, is available both as part of the bundled software and from the standard OFED stack.

Installed by default, mstflint is similar to the Mellanox flint tool with the following exception: you must identify the IB EM in the PCI bus:dev.fun format to satisfy the mstflint command -d device syntax requirement.

procedure icon  To Update IB EM Firmware for Linux

1. Enter the lspci command to identify the IB EM.

> lspci
80:0e.0 PCI bridge: nVidia Corporation CK804 PCIE Bridge (rev a3)
81:00.0 InfiniBand: Mellanox Technologies MT25204 [InfiniHost III Lx HCA] (rev 20)

In this example, the IB EM (Mellanox InfiniHost III Lx HCA) is configured as PCI bus number 81, device 00, function 0 (81:00.0), which is EM slot 1 in a Sun Blade 8000 P Series Modular System. On your system, you might see a different designation for the EM.

2. Enter the mstflint -d command in the bus:dev.fun format.

> mstflint -d 81:00.0 -i ibem.bin  burn
Current FW version on flash:  1.1.0
New FW version:               1.2.100
Burn image with the following GUIDs:
  Current GUIDs are:
       Node:      001b00000ca72680
       Port1:     001b00000ca72681
       Sys.Image: 01b00000ca72683
Read and verify Invariant Sector - OK
Read and verify PPS/SPS on flash - OK
Burning second FW image without signatures - OK
Restoring second signature -OK
Do you want to continue ? (y/n) [n] : y

Note - The GUIDs that you will see (Node, Port1, and Sys. Image) during the burn process will differ from those shown in the example.

3. To burn the image, type y.

As with any IB EM FLASHRAM update, you must reset the Server Module (or at least the IB EM) to load and execute the new firmware image.

4. After resetting the Server Module (or the EM), enter the ibstat command to verify the new firmware version.

> ibstat
CA 'mthca0'
CA type: MT25204
     Number of ports: 1
     Firmware version: 1.1.0
     Hardware version: a0
     Node GUID: 0x001b00000ca72600
     System image GUID: 0x001b00000ca72603
     Port 1:
          State: Active
          Physical state: LinkUp
          Rate: 20
          Base lid: 70
          LMC: 0
          SM lid: 2
          Capability mask: 0x02510a68
          Port GUID: 0x001b00000ca72601