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iPlanet Delegated Administrator for Messaging and Collaboration 1.2 Installation and Administration Guide

About This Guide

This manual explains how to install and administer the iPlanetTM Delegated Administrator for Messaging and Collaboration. iPlanet Delegated Administrator provides a powerful and flexible cross-platform solution to the email needs of enterprises and messaging hosts of all sizes using open Internet standards.

Topics covered in this chapter include:

Who Should Read This Book

You should read this book if you are responsible for installing and administering the iPlanet Delegated Administrator for Messaging and Collaboration at your site.

What You Need to Know

This book assumes that you are responsible for installing and administering the iPlanet Delegated Administrator software and that you have a general understanding of the following:

  • The Internet and the World Wide Web

  • iPlanet Directory Server and LDAP

  • Netscape Console

How This Book is Organized

This book contains the following chapters and appendix:

Document Conventions

Monospaced Font

Monospaced font is used for any text that appears on the computer screen or text that you should type. It is also used for filenames, distinguished names, functions, and examples.

Bold Monospaced Font

Bold monospaced font is used to represent text within a code example that you should type. For example, you might see something like this:

Sun-Netscape Alliance
iPlanet Server Products Installation/Uninstallation

Welcome to the iPlanet Server Products installation program. This program will install iPlanet Server Products and the iPlanet Console on your computer.

It is recommended that you have "root" privilege to install the software.

Tips for using the installation program:

- Press "Enter" to choose the default and go to the next screen
- Type "Control-B" to go back to the previous screen
- Type "Control-C" to cancel the installation program
- You can enter multiple items using commas to separate them.
For example: 1, 2, 3

Would you like to continue with installation? [Yes]:

In this example, ./setup is what you would type from the command line and the rest is what would appear as a result.

Italicized Font

Italicized font is used to represent text that you enter using information that is unique to your installation (for example, variables). It is used for server paths and names and account IDs.

For example, throughout this document you will see path references of the form:


In these situations, server-root represents the directory path in which you install the server, and msg-serverID represents the server instance you use when you install it. For example, if you install your server in the directory /usr/iplanet/server5 and use the server instance tango, the actual path is:


Square or Straight Brackets

Square (or straight) brackets [] are used to enclose optional parameters. For example, in this document you will see the usage for the setup command described as follows:

./setup [options] [argument]

It is possible to run the setup command by itself as follows to start the Messaging Server installation:


However, the presence of [options] and [arguments] indicate that there are additional optional parameters that may be added to the setup command. For example, you could use setup command with the -k option to keep the installation cache:

./setup -k

Command Line Prompts

Command line prompts (for example, % for a C-Shell, or $ for a Korn or Bourne shell) are not displayed in the examples. Depending on which operating system environment you are using, you will see a variety of different command line prompts. However, you should enter the command as it appears in the document unless specifically noted otherwise.

Where to Find Related Information

In addition to this guide, iPlanet Delegated Administrator for Messaging and Collaboration comes with supplementary information for administrators as well as documentation for end users and developers. Use the following URL to see all the Messaging Server documentation:

Where to Find This Book Online

You can find the iPlanet Delegated Administrator for Messaging and Collaboration Installation and Administration Guide. online in PDF and HTML formats. To find this book, use this URL:

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