Solaris Transition Guide

SunOS/BSD Source Compatibility Package

The SunOS BSD/Source Compatibility Package is an optional package available with the Solaris 7 operating environment. The package contains a collection of SunOS release 4 and BSD commands, library routines, and header files otherwise not available with the Solaris 7 operating environment. The Binary Compatibility Package must be installed in order to use the SunOS/BSD Source Compatibility Package.

The interfaces in the SunOS/BSD Source Compatibility Package are installed in the /usr/ucb directory, thereby avoiding conflicts with existing SunOS release 5.7 interfaces. These interfaces provide a familiar SunOS environment while your environment and applications are migrating to the SunOS release 5.7 software. To use these interfaces, you must either specify the full path name or modify your PATH environment variable. When modifying your PATH environment variable, note that /usr/ucb should precede /usr/bin.

For detailed information about the Source Compatibility Package, see Source Compatibility Guide