Solaris Transition Guide

Binary Compatibility Package

The Binary Compatibility Package is an optional package available with the Solaris 7 operating environment. The package allows existing SunOS release 4 applications, both statically and dynamically linked, to run under the Solaris 7 operating environment without modification or recompilation. It handles most binary interface discrepancies between the two releases transparently. This results in a Solaris 7 operating environment where SunOS release 4 applications can run properly.

See Binary Compatibility Guide for procedures about setting up your environment to access this package. This guide also details the limitations of the Binary Compatibility Package.

Using the Binary Compatibility Package to SunOS Release 4 Applications

The Binary Compatibility Package allows most applications to run under the Solaris 7 operating environment, making them available for use before they are ported to SunOS release 5.7. With this package, well-behaved application binaries based on SunOS release 4 system software will run under the SunOS release 5.7 software without modifications or recompilation.

The Binary Compatibility Package is intended for end-user environments, not for use as a development environment. All SunOS release 5.7 application development should be done under the base SunOS release 5.7 environment.