Solaris Transition Guide

Window Systems

The Common Desktop Environment (CDE) is the default Solaris 7 windowing environment and offers a simple and intuitive interface. See Chapter 14, Solaris Common Desktop Environment, for more information about CDE.

The OpenWindows 3.1 software can also be used as your preferred desktop with the Solaris 7 environment. If you have been using the OpenWindows 2.0 environment, you will notice that the OpenWindows 3.1 icons have changed and some applications are not compatible with the OpenWindows 3.1 platform.

The OpenWindows Developer's Guide File Chooser (gfm) regular-expression file-pattern matching code (filter_pat) is slightly different from the regular-expression file-pattern matching code in the XView File Chooser object. This could result in the same regular expression matching slightly different sets of files in the two different choosers. The XView File Chooser uses /usr/include/reexp.h in the SunOS release 5.7 software and its usage is correct.

SunView software is not part of the Solaris 7 operating environment. SunView applications are incompatible with the OpenWindows environment and must be converted.

See OpenWindows Version 3.1 User's Guide for information about: