Solaris Transition Guide

Changes to TCP/IP

The user interface to TCP/IP is virtually the same as in previous releases of the Solaris software, but the administration of NIS+ maps is handled through AdminTool, which is different from the process in the SunOS release 4 software and traditional AT&T SVR4.

The NIS+ maps administered by AdminTool include:

When you are ready to configure SunOS release 5.7 TCP/IP facilities, see TCP/IP and Data Communications Administration Guide for information about setting up TCP/IP.

Also, Solaris 7 software bundles the popular traceroute utility. The traceroute utility is used to trace the route an IP packet follows to an Internet host. It is especially useful for determining routing misconfiguration and routing path failures.


TCP selective acknowledgment (TCP SACK) provides the support described in RFC 2018 to solve the problems related to congestion and multiple packet drops, especially in applications using TCP large windows (RFC 1323) over satellite links or transcontinental links.