Solaris Transition Guide

Changes to NFS

The Solaris 7 operating environment simplifies resource sharing with a new set of commands and files to administer NFS resources. Specifically, exportfs and /etc/exports have been replaced by share, shareall, and /etc/dfs/dfstab.This new command set was designed to allow for future distributed file system types.

Several of the daemons associated with NFS have been renamed. rpc.statd, rpc.lockd, and rpc.mountd are now simply called statd, lockd, and mountd.

Unlike the SunOS release 4 environment, there are no client side block I/O daemons (biods) in the Solaris 7 release. They have been superceded by kernel threads. Also, the NFS daemon, nfsd, has been altered so that it does not spawn multiple copies to handle concurrent requests.

Other features included in this release:

All these features are described in NFS Administration Guide.