Solaris Transition Guide

Packaging Applications

The Solaris 7 operating environment is bundled in units called packages. These packages contain all the files and information you need to add or remove software from your system.

A package consists of the following components:

Add-on application software should be packaged so it can be installed on a Solaris 7 system from diskette, tape, or CD-ROM. Application Packaging Developer's Guide provides guidelines for building your packages.

Packaging Utilities

Several utilities are provided to create and manipulate packages. Table 16-5 lists commands that are useful for creating packages.

Table 16-5 Commands for Creating Packages


Generates prototype file entries for input to the pkgmk command


Produces an installable package 


Translates package format 

Table 16-6 lists commands that are useful for adding and removing packages.

Table 16-6 Commands for Adding and Removing Packages


Adds software package to the system 


Stores answers to a request script 


Removes a package from the system 


Checks accuracy of installation 

Table 16-7 lists commands that provide information about packages.

Table 16-7 Commands for Providing Information About Packages


Displays software package information about installed packages 


Displays package parameter values