System Administration Guide, Volume 1

Example--.cshrc File

set path=($PATH $HOME/bin /usr/local/bin /usr/ccs/bin) 1
setenv MAIL /var/mail/$LOGNAME 2
setenv NNTPSERVER server1 3
setenv PRINTER printer1 4
alias h history 5
umask 022 6
source /net/server2/site-init-files/site.login 7
  1. Defines the user's shell search path.

  2. Defines the path to the user's mail file.

  3. Defines the user's Usenet news server.

  4. Defines the user's default printer.

  5. Creates an alias for the history command (the user will need to type only h to run the history command).

  6. Sets the user's default file creation permissions.

  7. Sets the listed environment variables.