System Administration Guide, Volume 1

Accessing Solaris SolveSM

Completing the Solaris User Registration process provides access to Solaris Solve, an exclusive web site that offers valuable Solaris product information and solutions--all in one convenient location. It provides a quick and easy method for getting the most recent information on what's happening around the latest Solaris release. Solaris Solve also provides a preview to additional Sun contract and service opportunities.

Basically, the steps for completing Solaris User Registration and accessing Solaris Solve are:

  1. Fill in the electronic Solaris User Registration profile.

  2. Submit the profile by email or print the profile to fax or mail.

  3. Create your login ID and password to access the Solaris Solve site.

    Even if you do not access the Solaris Solve site immediately, we recommend that you create your Solaris Solve login ID and password during the Solaris User Registration process. A Solaris Solve login ID and password should contain six to eight alphanumeric characters without spaces and colons.

  4. Access the Solaris Solve site.

Note -

Solaris User Registration is not invoked if the system administrator or user is logged in as superuser.

If you choose to register, a copy of the completed form is stored in $HOME/.solregis/uprops. If you choose to never register and change your mind later, you can start User Registration by:

See solregis(1) for more information.