System Administration Guide, Volume 3

How to Enable the DHCP Service (Command Line)

This step is needed only if you previously disabled the server, keeping the data intact.

  1. Become superuser on the server system.

  2. Start dhcpconfig by typing the following command:

    # /usr/sbin/dhcpconfig
  3. Select Configure DHCP Service or Configure BOOTP Relay Agent, as appropriate.

  4. Press Return to accept default values for all prompts until you see the following prompt:

    Enable DHCP/BOOTP support of networks you select? ([Y]/N):   
  5. Type Y at the prompt to enable the DHCP service.

  6. Answer the following prompts as shown to avoid prompts for configuring networks.

    If you had previously disabled the service while keeping the data intact, you should not need to reconfigure the network information.

    ###     Configure Local Networks        ###
    Configure BOOTP/DHCP on local LAN network: ([Y]/N):N
    ###     Configure Remote Networks       ###
    Would you like to configure BOOTP/DHCP service on remote networks? ([Y]/N):N
  7. Restart the DHCP service by pressing Return at the following prompt:

    Would you like to restart the DHCP service? (recommended) ([Y]/N):