Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) Device Configuration Guide

Misidentifying a Recognized Device

  1. Run the prtconf -D command to see if your modem or serial device is erroneously recognized as a memory card.

    If the device is incorrectly recognized as a memory card, for example, the output of the prtconf command could show:

    # prtconf -D
    .  .  .
    pcic, instance #0 (driver name: pcic)
    	.  .  .
    	memory, instance #0 (driver name: pcmem)
    		pcram, instance #0 (driver name: pcram)
  2. Use the Configuration Assistant to identify the memory resource conflict, and add correct information for the device on the View/Edit Devices menu.

    The problem is typically a resource conflict between device memory settings. See "Identifying and Correcting Problems" in the Configuring Devices chapter of this book.

    Another possible cause for this problem is when the PC Card adapter chip is not fully supported, as with machines not listed in the Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) Hardware Compatibility List.

  3. To work properly with the Solaris operating environment, all devices must be accounted for, even those the Solaris environment does not support. The Configuration Assistant software accounts for all devices in your system.