Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) Device Configuration Guide

Identifying an Unrecognized Device

If you insert a PC Card modem or serial device and it isn't recognized (no special files are created under /dev/cua or /dev/term), use the prtconf command to try to find the problem.

  1. Become root.

  2. Run the prtconf -D command to see if your modem or serial device is recognized.

    An unrecognized device will appear at the end of the prtconf output. For example:

    # prtconf -D
    .  .  .
    pcic, instance #0 (driver name: pcic)
       .  .  .
       pccard111.222 (driver not attached)
  3. If your device is not recognized "(driver not attached)", use the add_drv command to add the name of your device as another known alias for pcser devices.

    For example, type the following at the command line:

    # add_drv -i'"pccard111.222"' pcser

    Note -

    Include the double quotes in single quotes to keep the shell from stripping out the double quotes. Use the identification string listed in the prtconf output. Use the entire string in the add_drv command. See add_drv(1M).