Solaris Common Messages and Troubleshooting Guide


yp_all RPC clnt_call (transport level) failure


At random times, a slave NIS server has a problem that causes ypbind(1M) to report ypserver not responding, and the machine must be rebooted. The syslog file contains the following:

Dec 14 07:11:03 rahab syslog: yp_all - 
RPC clnt_call (transport level) failure:
RPC: Unable to receive; An event requires attention


As a workaround, increase the file descriptor limit in the yp startup script, /etc/rc2.d/S71rpc. Add this command to the script before ypserv is started:

ulimit -n 256

ypbind[int]: NIS server for domain "string" OK


This message appears after an NIS server not responding message to indicate that ypbind(1M) is able to communicate with an NIS server again.


Proceed with your work. This message is strictly informational.

ypbind[int]: NIS server not responding for domain "string"; still trying


This means that the NIS client daemon ypbind(1M) cannot communicate with an NIS server for the specified domain. This message appears when a workstation running the NIS naming service has become disconnected from the network, or when NIS servers are down or extremely slow to respond.


If other NIS clients are behaving normally, check the Ethernet cabling on the workstation that is getting this message. Note the following differences between architectures:

If many NIS clients on the network are giving this message, go to the NIS server in question and reboot or repair as necessary. To locate the NIS server for a domain, run the ypwhich(1) command. When the server machine returns to operation, NIS clients give an NIS server for domain OK message.

See Also

For more information about ypbind(1M), see the section on administering secure NFS in the System Administration Guide, Volume 3.

ypserv[int]: restarting resolv server. old one not responding


In this instance, the NIS Server, which had been upgraded from version 2.5.1 to version 2.6, was repeating this error message every ten minutes. Also, the Server was less frequently repeating the following message:

rpc.nisd_resolv[7472]: svc_getreqset: no transport handle for fd2
The SUNWypu and SUNWypr packages had been installed.


Install Patch-ID# 105552-01. Also, set B= in the Makefile. Run make again to recreate the maps on the following:

You might also need to remove the -d option from the ypserv command in the /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypstart script. Then, you must reboot the machine.

ypwhich: can't communicate with ypbind


This message from the ypwhich(1) command indicates that the NIS binder process ypbind(1M) is not running on the local machine.


If the system is not configured to use NIS, this message is normal and expected. Configure the system to use NIS if necessary.

If the system is configured to use NIS, but the ypbind(1M) process is not running, invoke the following command to start it up:

# /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypbind -broadcast