Solaris Common Messages and Troubleshooting Guide


Make sure the license daemon is running on the server. Then, consider the following cases:

Case one: As a workaround, ignore the present messages and get an upgrade to 2.1c or above.

Case two: To check for a misassigned license, run the command hostid(1). Your hostid is displayed.

Next, run the command fw printlic to see output similar to the following:

This is FireWall-1 Version 2.1
Type             Expiration Features
id-649f152b	 never	    stdlight
The first field should list the correct hostid. Also check the expiration date and the features. A list of what is included with the features is provided in INFODOC 13215. If you find any inconsistencies, call the Sun License and Password Center and get a license reissued. Have you host ID and serial number ready.