Solaris Common Messages and Troubleshooting Guide

Slice c0t1d0s0 is too small to contain 1 replicas


When trying to add a state replica using metatool to cylinder 0 of a disk, the following error message appears:

	Your attempt to attach metastate database
	replicas on slice "c?t?d?s?" failed for the
	following reason: Slice c?t?d?s? is too small
	to contain 1 replicas.

This is because metatool masks out the very first cylinder to protect the disk label. On disksuite v4.1, metatool does allow adding the databases to cylinder 0 on 2.1Gbyte disks or larger.


As a workaround, start at cylinder 1 (not cylinder 0) or use the command line (metadb -a).