Solaris Common Messages and Troubleshooting Guide

SIMS license error: licenses invalid


This is a license internet mail server problem. The user is installing a departmental version of SIMS 3.1 on a Pentium 2 PC that is running the Solaris 2.6 IA release. The system is using a JavaTM interface and keeps getting the above error. The two license files from the license center are:

SERVER server 
DAEMON lic.SUNW /etc/opt/licenses/lic.SUNW 
INCREMENT SLAPD.1 lic.SUNW 1.000 08-Mar-1998 1  

SERVER nwlab4 727a2b6a 7588 
DAEMON suntechd /etc/opt/licenses/suntechd /etc/opt/licenses/daemon_options 
INCREMENT sun.mail.mbox suntechd 3.100 08-Mar-1998 100


Merge the two license files together and delete the extra SERVER line.