Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

Starting and Quitting Image Viewer

There are several ways to start Image Viewer:

To Start Image Viewer from the Workspace Programs Menu

  1. Place the mouse pointer anywhere on the background of the desktop (the workspace) and click mouse button 3.

    The Workspace menu appears.

  2. Choose Programs, and then choose Image Viewer from the Programs submenu.

    The Image Viewer main window appears.

To Start Image Viewer from Application Mananger

  1. Open Application Manager by clicking the Applications icon on the Applications subpanel of the Front Panel.

  2. Double-click Desktop_Apps in the Application Manager window.

    The Desktop_Apps group is displayed in Application Manager.

  3. Double-click Image Viewer in the Desktop_Apps group.

    Image Viewer opens.

Figure 14-1 Image Viewer icon


Install Image Viewer in the Front Panel.

To Start Image Viewer from the Command Line

Image Viewer has new features which can be accessed by running the tool from the command line. To start Image Viewer and open files directly from the command line:

    Type sdtimage to start Image Viewer.

Or, type sdtimage filename to start Image Viewer and open a specific file.

To Exit Image Viewer

    Choose Exit from the File menu.