Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

Accessing PDA Sync Software

Access the PDA Sync software using the following procedure.

  1. Using the desktop icon, open the Applications pull-down menu from the Front Panel (typically at the bottom of your screen), click on Applications to open Application Manager.

  2. Double-click on Desktop_Apps to locate the PDA Sync icon.

  3. Click on the PDA Sync icon.

    You can also access the PDA software by entering /usr/dt/bin/sdtpdasync an the command line.

    In order to make the PDA Sync icon more accessible in the future, drag and drop the PDA Sync icon from the Desktop_Apps screen into the Install area of the Application pull-down menu or into your user space.

    For more information on the PDA Sync application, see the Help information on the PDA Sync software.