Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Set Required Default Entry Types

  1. In File Manager, select the icon of the folder for which you want to set the required ACL Default entry types.

  2. Choose Properties from the File Manager Selected menu or from the icon's pop-up menu (displayed by pressing Shift+F10 or mouse button 3).

    The Permissions dialog box appears.

  3. Click the Show Access Control List button if the folder has no ACL defined.

    If the folder has an ACL defined, it will be visible when you open the Permissions dialog box.

  4. Click Add and select an ACL entry of type Default Owning User, Default Owning Group, Default Other, or Default Mask.

    A message appears reminding you that the other required ACL Default entries will also be added.

  5. Click the Permission check boxes to set the permissions for the Default entry.

  6. Click Add in the Add Access List Entry dialog box.

    The other three required ACL Default entries are automatically created for you, with permissions set to no-read, no-write, no-execute.

  7. (Optional) Change the permissions for the required ACL Default entries that were automatically created in Step 6 above.

  8. Use the Apply Changes To option button to choose the scope of the changes.

    The options are This folder only (default) and This folder and its Subfolders.

  9. Click OK to apply the current settings and dismiss the dialog box. Click Apply to apply the settings without dismissing the dialog box.