Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

Front Panel Pop-Up Menus

Each control in the Front Panel has a pop-up menu. The menu is different for each control.

To Display a Front Panel Pop-Up Menu

    Press mouse button 3 over the control.

    The control's pop-up menu is displayed.

Contents of the Pop-Up Menus

The contents of the pop-up menu depend on the behavior of the control and its location.

Main Panel Controls

If the control starts an application, the first entry in the menu is a command that starts the application. Choosing the menu item has the same effect as clicking the control.


In addition, the pop-up menu may contain the following items:

Switch Area

The switch area is the portion of the workspace switch not occupied by other controls or workspace buttons.


The switch area pop-up menu contains the following items:

Workspace Buttons

Use the workspace buttons to change workspaces. Each button has its own menu.


The workspace button pop-up menu includes the following items:

Subpanel Controls

The pop-up menus for subpanels include a command for making the control the current Main Panel control.


The pop-up menu for subpanel controls includes the following items: